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"This disc (Pickman's Model), as a representative of Lurker Films’ mission to compile the best of Lovecraft-on-screen, simply kicks ass. 9 out of 10"
"Lurker Films has done an outstanding job of providing Poe devotees with an abundance of information about the man they hold in such high regard, and I am quite hopeful that, much as they have with their Lovecraft collections, we will soon see Volumes 2 and beyond filled with more of Poe's works."
"The H.P. Lovecraft Collection is a must for fans of the writer who wish to sample an eclectic choice of films by enthusiastic young filmmakers."
"The respectful care taken on both the packaging and the video content of these DVDs recommends them highly."
"Lurker Films have done it again! Another great DVD of shorts based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft."
"The Canadian production 'Out of Mind', is a real standout. Both a celebration of Lovecraft's entire body of work and a creepy tale in itself."


"The DVDs are astounding!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much."
"I teach a class in Horror Fiction and have long wished to find some decent adaptations of Lovecraft. Your films will go into my syllabus next year, guaranteed!"
"A nameless happiness crept over me as I watched your DVDs..."
"The contents of these DVDs are pure passion & creativity. Thank you for releasing this collection!"
"Your products are great and as a Lovecraft fan I was well impressed with the attention to detail taken in the layout and design of the booklets. Keep up the great work."