The Call of Cthulhu
 The Call of Cthulhu
An All New Silent Film

At last, the stars are finally right...

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society presents its all new silent film of The Call of Cthulhu. The famed story is brought richly to life in the style of a classic 1920s silent movie, with a haunting original symphonic score. Using the "Mythoscope" process — a mix of modern and vintage techniques, the HPLHS has worked to create the most authentic and faithful screen adaptation of a Lovecraft story yet attempted.

This extraordinary motion picture is now available on DVD. The DVD also features a making-of documentary, high-fidelity and Mythophonic audio, special features, and intertitles in twenty-four languages.

"An absolutely gorgeous telling of HP Lovecraft's cult story. Every note is hit exactly right... the end result will leave you delerious. [a] must-see... a gorgeous, haunting, pitch-perfect mini-epic."

Lurker Films is proud to be an offical authorized reseller of this excellent film.