The H.P. Lovecraft Collection
Volume 4
Pickman's Model
and others
"This disc (Pickman's Model), as a representative of Lurker Films’ mission to compile the best of Lovecraft-on-screen, simply kicks ass. 9 out of 10"

The fourth volume in The H.P. Lovecraft Collection contains some excellent adaptaions of Lovecraft's short story "Pickman's Model" including Chilean Gothic.

Other films include Geoffrey Clark's animated version of In the Vault, Austinite Cathy Welch's 1981 B&W take on "Pickman's Model", and Giovanni Furore's Italian version of Pickman. Plus Djie Han Thung's Between the Stars

American author H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) is one of the masters of gothic horror literature from the early 20th century. Presented here for the first time are three different interpretations of Lovecraft’s short story about a morbid painter named Richard Upton Pickman, who created from his fiendish brush "unbelievable loathsomeness and moral foetor." Lovecraft’s tale is a perfect example of Edgar Allan Poe’s unity of effect principle and Lovecraft succeeded in painting a story as meticulously shocking in its realism as any painting from Richard Upton Pickman. The only question that remains is: Are you Pickman?

"I saw Chilean Gothinc at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival last year and thought it was a particularly well made adaptation of one of the author's best known stories. The director helped maintain the feel of Lovecraft's story (about an artist famous for his horrific paintings) by never really allowing us to see those paintings clearly. As the camera pans past these macabre works of art we glimpse vague shapes which our own minds flesh out into whatever monstrosities we choose to see. This same technique is used with great success throughout the movie. Even the climactic scene of horror is played just a bit off camera, allowing the audience the freedom to imagine the worst."