The Edgar Allan Poe Collection
 Volume 1
and other tales of mystery and imagination

The first volume in The Edgar Allan Poe Collection contains some excellent adaptaions of Poe's work including George Higham's award winning stop-motion animation short film inspired by the poem Annabel Lee.

Annabel Lee is quintessential Poe—a haunted soul, a lost love and the nocturnal grave-quest. The epic quality of this Orphic adventure includes expressionist visions of a lone figure on a journey through a nightmarish landscape in order to be re-united with his lost love... but first he must overcome the wrath of the "Envious Angels" that ruined his world.

"Visionary puppeteer George Higham emphasizes the inherent creepiness of moving puppets and sets them against a backdrop of rich expressionist detail. ANNABEL LEE stands as a visual triumph and Higham a name to watch for."

The volume also includes Trilobite Pictures' The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart & an interview with Poe expert Paul Clemens.